The False-Positive Fueled Panic over COVID-19-Neil A. Kurtzman, MD

“False positives and false negatives remain a very large problem. Our current testing regime has alarmed the planet without contributing a health benefit.

Imagine an articulate chief lemming bragging that not only had his followers jumped off a cliff, but that they had done so in far greater numbers than any other slice of the rodents. This is the position occupied by the US regarding testing for COVID-19. We’ve done more testing than any other country and bragged a lot about doing so; but no one seems to have survived to give a proper interpretation of the results.

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 tracker that is widely used and quoted considers a confirmed test to be equal to a positive test. This is an error of epic dimensions for the reasons just stated.

The professional and college athletics departments are making the same error. They are testing their athletes daily or every other day using a test that is no better than 70 percent sensitive. Eventually all the players will test positive. They will be isolated for fourteen days, after which they may again test positivead infinitum.”