Are Universities Finished?-Lew Rockwell

“Higher education in America today is in a crisis. The diversity thought police pounce on anyone who offers the slightest resistance to them.

The crisis in higher education would not go away, even if we could get rid of COVID-19 and the PC thought police. Higher education has been in trouble for a long time. As the great economist Walter Williams has pointed out, “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, only 37% of white high school graduates tested as college-ready, but colleges admitted 70% of them. Roughly 17% of black high school graduates tested as college-ready, but colleges admitted 58% of them. A 2018 Hechinger Report found, ‘More than four in 10 college students end up in developmental math and English classes at an annual cost of approximately $7 billion, and many of them have a worse chance of eventually graduating than if they went straight into college-level classes.

“This new world arrived almost immediately, as virtually every college and university in the country clamored for money and students, and willingly threw out traditional standards. This infusion of tax dollars created, notes Robert Nisbet, ‘the single most powerful agent of change that we can find in the university’s long history.’ Had anyone objected at the time, he would have been put down as selfish and undemocratic.” [Money answers all things. Eccl. 10:19]


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