The Glaring Inconsistency-Libertarian Christian Institute

“This quote, in particular, is quite poignant, and perhaps can be applied today readily as well:

The Church that is divided and sundered by the sectional and party strifes of the political trickster and demagogue, that becomes the subservient tool of the ambitious aspirant for self and place, and of the scoffing infidel, can never be the Church of God.

Sound like anyone you know?

Finally, Lipscomb criticizes even fellow ministers for forsaking their calling to preach the Gospel on account of the impoverished situations of the people to whom they are called. ‘Our conviction is that no preacher who shares the bounties and favors of a people while prosperous, and then forsakes them when misfortune comes, has either the soul of a true man or the heart of a Christian.’ Remarkable!”

I believe Lipscomb’s piece below is amazingly timely for today, as so much internal political conflict in these United States divides people. Lipscomb notes how tragic it was that Christians, a people who should be devoted solely to the Kingdom of God, would acquiesce to the state, an “institution of man” in Lipscomb’s words, in shedding the blood of their fellow Christians in the Civil War. Yes, slavery was a great evil and indeed the abolition slavery as a result of the war was good. But make no mistake, the war was not necessary. Other nations, Great Britain most prominently, abolished slavery without firing a shot. It is to the shame of all participants, North and South, that they engaged in killing fellow brothers and sisters in Christ at the behest of theirrulers”. Had American Christians said no, we will not shed bloodworld history would look quite different. May we let our allegiance to the King of Kings define us, and may we let our actions reflect that allegiance, rather than cling to the powers that be as the organizing power of our life.”