Man, Economy, and State: Entrepreneurship and Change-The Human Action Podcast

Jeff DeistHunter Hastings

“The Human Action podcast with Jeff Deist continues tracking Rothbard’s Man, Economy, and State, this time focusing on the role of entrepreneurs in the production process (Chapter 8).

Hunter Hastings joins the show with great insights into the social benefits of profit vs. interest, entrepreneurial risk, progressing and retrogressing economies, and the bunkum known as the “Paradox of Saving.” This chapter presents Rothbard’s exposition of the individual’s (or firm’s) role in bringing goods and services to us—while Keynesian and classical economists see capital as a homogenous blog and try to wedge entrepreneurs into mathematical models. You’ll also hear why Jeff Bezos is not the devil, why rich kids tend to waste the fortunes created by their parents or grandparents, and why Marx was dead wrong about the little guy.”