A Vaccine May Not Be the “Magical Cure” Everyone Anticipates

Let’s attempt the impossible and set aside all preconceptions we might have about a vaccine for Covid-19, and think it through somewhat dispassionately. Let’s start by stipulating that dispassionate analysis is as rare as anti-matter, as everyone’s barely-cloaked self-interest and ideological biases demand an indignant, rabid response to any challenges to the one true faith, i.e. whatever they believe.

Speaking of self-interest, we would blind not to notice the rapacious interest of Big Pharma in reaping billions of dollars in profits from a vaccine or vaccines. What could be better for obscene profits than a vaccine everyone must have to participate in the conventional economy, a vaccine the federal government will let the “owner” price at “market”?

Owneris in quotes because the federal government is funding much of the research expenses yet the Big Pharma corporations retain ownership of the resultssuch a deal for Big Pharma! The gummit puts up the money but Big Pharma gets 100% “ownership” and the right to price their vaccine at “market,” which is whatever the government is willing to pay for the vaccine it funded.

We would also be remiss not to notice that Big Pharma’s track record of releasing medications with glossed-over side-effects and poor efficacy is not exactly spotless. Horrendously costly meds have been passed out like candy with claims of efficacy that have later been shown to be unsubstantiated and side-effects that have been under-reported or otherwise marginalized.