How to Deal With Loneliness and Loss in a Constantly Changing World

“During Worth’s latest session of The Next Normal, we heard from mental health experts about how social media is both helping and hurting us and why being connected is so important right now.

It’s staggering to me when you think of a third of people 45 or above claim in scientific surveys that they’re lonely all the time,” said Jim McCann, founder of 1-800-FLOWERS.COM and executive chairman of Worth. “When you look at the, let’s say, millennials, these are young people and 22 percent of them say they don’t have a single friend, 27 percent say they have a couple of casual friends at best. Even that most connected generation, the Z generation, the kids who were born and grew up in the age of digital, these people say they’re lonely about a third of the time as well, and some of them say they don’t have any friends. When I say some of them, up to 17, 18 percent say they don’t have any friends, and these people are online and connected all the time.”

It’s clear that the pandemic and the consequential quarantine has taken a toll on so many people’s mental and emotional health. From anxiety and loneliness to depression and grief, many of us have been experiencing an influx of difficult emotions.”