Dialogue between Dave Smith and Michael Malice (From Speaking about Hans-Hermann Hoppe)

Dave Smith:

One of the things that I think is really an important point about the preference of monarchy to democracy, so in general to anarchists like me and you, is that there are basically two things about the state that are what drives us most to be against it. The number one obvious thing is that what they do is horrible. They kill people; they imprison people; they steal from people; all of these awful things.

The second thing that is…equally important is that it is perceived as legitimate and that is what separates it from other groups of people. Not just the magnitude; that’s part of it too. That’s what…separates them from private criminals. Private criminals, we all…recognize that they are wrong. You know, if someone gets mugged or raped or kidnaped or something, everybody knows that is wrong. When the state mugs you it is called taxation; when the state kidnaps you it is called conscription, you know, yada yada, the whole anarchist thing.

And I think there is something like a monarch that isn’t as devastating as the second part of that. I think that people tend to go like, well…yeah…this is someone who rules over us. Let’s say that no one believes in the religiosity of all of it, but they go like yeah, this guy rules over us; he asserts his will on us; we avoid it as much as we can; and we give what we have to.

And this goes to your point about the wars getting bigger. When you have democracy, there is also this feeling that we are the government; we are part of them. I mean, I cast my vote so I…own who the leader is. And even though I cast my vote for the other guy, if I had won I would own who it is, so I still…own this situation. And I think that democracy creates that whereas monarchy didn’t. And that is also an advantage of monarchy.

Michael Malice:

it is taken for granted in school that basically you are supposed to sit there, pretend you are Stalin, visualize exactly how you want the country to be in every aspect, and then you vote your way towards that by choosing the person who implements. So at the very basics we are taught that, like absolutetotalitarianism, you start thinking about political analysis. It is such a warped message to teach kids that basically your starting point is, everyone and everything is on the table. And now figure out what you, the dictator, are going to do. And then it is well…not you, it’s going to be someone you voted for and they can do whatever they want…

Dave Smith:

…that’s such a good point. I don’t think I ever thought about it exactly like that. But it is more than just you are a part of the government on the hook right now. It is actually teaching you to participate in this authoritarianism, that…you need to get in gear and also have a say in how we rule over everybody else. That is profoundly disturbing message to teach little kids. That it is like…you’ve got a vote on how everybody else gets to liveAnd you’ve got to get in there with really…no, really well-defined boundaries on what you get to vote for. Just…vote! How do you [kids] think the world should be organized?


Malice On Hoppe-Part Of The Problem (Interview by Dave Smith)