Some examples of: Money answers all things–Ecclesiastes-Richard Duke

Money answers all things–Ecclesiastes

So, a person says to me, well no, money is not required for everything on this earth. P = Person; R = Richard Duke

R: Give me an example of when money is not required or involved.

P: Well, I went to the hospital to provide comfort to a friend. I spent no money.

R: How did you get to the hospital?

P: I drove my car.

R: How did you purchase your car? Do you use money to put gasoline in the car to make it go? Does is cost money for oil, new tires, repairs, etc.?

P: Yes, but next time I will walk to the hospital as I live close by.

R: So you plan to go to the hospital naked?

P: What!

R: Do you plan to wear clothes to the hospital?

P: Yes.

R: What did you use to buy your clothes that you are wearing to the hospital?

P: Ha ha, the clothes were given to me as a gift.

R: What did the person use to buy the clothes who gave them to you as a gift?

P: No response.

And on and on. Fake currency and fake credit are used to buy everything, produce everything, etc. and etc. and etc. Money answers all things; and debased and debauched currency and credit are ABOMINATIONS TO GOD-UNEQUAL WEIGHTS AND MEASURES BECAUSE OF THE DESTRUCTION OF THE POOR and others.

Richard Duke