My visit to the non-panic U.S. state-Tom Woods

Apart from some mask wearing, life seems pretty normal here in Rapid City, South Dakota, where I’m spending five days.   Back in March and April, some of Governor Kristi Noem’s people literally demanded, “Lock us down!”   Lock yourself down, creep.   The state is flourishing, and I’m enjoying the chance to visit a place I may not otherwise have visited.    However:   Most of the rest of the world — and even much of the U.S. — is still in panic mode.   My old friends on Long Island say the virus is long gone there, and yet otherwise sensible people remain absolutely terrified.   So if people intend to stay at home and in front of their screens, you may as well cater to them.   Creating video courses is a quick way to establish yourself online and start bringing in some smackers, especially when everyone is working online and looking to learn new skills.
And there’s no need to run ads or generate traffic for video courses. Websites likes Udemy and Coursera generate the traffic for you.   Since a lack of traffic is the number-one reason people tell me their online businesses fail, you can see what an advantage this is.
You don’t need to be an expert to create a course, either. Just copy and paste some text or simply record some audio, and CourseReel — a brand new cloud-based platform — converts it into a video.
How to create your first profitable course? Pick a topic. Use your phone to record yourself speaking about it. Upload that audio. CourseReel will convert it into text, break it down into slides, add styling, add images/video clips, and the first chapter of your video course is ready. Rinse and repeat.
Help local businesses (like health clubs, for example, but the sky is the limit) by turning their knowledge into a video course they can sell. Charge a fee to do this for them.
Software like Camtasia, which we used to create the courses at Liberty Classroom, cost over $300 and require a powerful computer. CourseReel is available during this brief launch window for a tiny fraction of that price and works from any device, even your iPad.   I’ve done all I can do here. Now go dominate the world:   Tom Woods               You are receiving this email because you purchased Traffic Academy or Net Profits Academy, or opted in at,,,, tomwoods,com/bitcoin or, or you texted PROSPER to 44222.
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