Man has the tendency to repress any association indicating external causative conditioning; human personality is never completely appropriate to reality experienced

“In affirming his own personality, man has the tendency to repress from the field of his consciousness any associations indicating any external causative conditioning of his world view and behavior. Young people in particular want to believe they freely chose their intentions and decisions. At the same time, however, an experienced psychological analyst can track the causative conditions of these choices without much difficulty. Much of this conditioning is hidden within our childhood; the memories may be receding into the distance, but we carry the results of our early experiences around with us throughout our lives.

Loc 766

Those emotional features which are a natural component of the human personality are never completely appropriate to the reality being experienced. This results both from our instinct and from out common errors of upbringing. That is why the best tradition of philosophical and religious thought have counseled subduing the emotions in order to achieve a more accurate view of reality.

Loc 796

Political Ponerology (A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes)Loc 766, 796 by Andrew M. Lobaczewski