Stockman Sidesteps ‘Systemic Racism’, Says Real Evil Is “Relentless Aggrandizement Of State Power”

“When all else fails, Fake Republicans like Richard Nixon back in the day and Donald Trump today turn to “Law & Order” demagoguery to incite the electorate in their direction.

So doing, they conveniently abandon the real job of the Conservative Party in American democracy, which is to fight against the Government Party (usually the Dems) on behalf of free markets, fiscal rectitude, sound money, smaller government, federalism and maximum personal liberty.

Thus, when America was plagued with the short-term outbreak of riots in dozens of major American cities in 1968—Detroit, Cleveland, Newark, Gary, Chicago, Philadelphia—Tricky Dick Nixon put himself over the top at the polls in November by running for National Sherriff rather than as the scourge of Lyndon Johnson’s drastic ballooning of the state in the form of “guns and butter” finance and the eruption of Great Society spending programs.”