“…So they said “We will undertake a long march through the institutions,“ as Antonio Gramsci called it…”

Jedd Deist: Do 2020 riots in cities have parallels with 1960s riots
in Detroit and Newark?
Amity Shales: Yes. But the intellectuals of the 1960s realized they
wouldn’t manage a revolution. The country was too
conservative. So they said “We will undertake a long
march through the institutions,“ as Antonio Gramsci
called it, along with the German protest leader Rudi
Dutschke. We’re going to march up through the
institutions and then we will prevail, and that actually
happened. One of the things they did was create
identity politics departments at colleges, which seemed
to most people interesting, maybe good, but not really
dispositive when it came to the future of our national
thinking. They created large departments of bilingual
programs, with Spanish, and everyone thought, well,
let them do that, it’s not really going to bother us. But
it turned out this idea of identity politics took over our
culture gradually, and the people who believed in it are
now in positions of power.

“2020 The 1960s Redux?–Interview by Jeff Deist of Amity Shales” pp. 4-13, The Austrian (Mises Institute), vol. 6, No. 4, July-August 2020

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