Get Your Free Ron Paul Booklet!-Mises Institute

“The Mises Institute exists to set the record straight. Economics shouldn’t be left to “experts” with Ivy League degrees serving in government agencies. It is a subject for everyone. One that exposes the schemes of ambitious politicians and would-be tyrants everywhere.

This is what made Ron Paul so dangerous to the political class. He dared his supporters to not only follow him, but to learn on their own. He exposed the Fed for the sham that it is, he called out the military-industrial complex for prioritizing government contractors over national security, and he never let the people forget that every dollar spent by Washington was a dollar taken from us.

This is why we’re excited to offer The Dollar Dilemma as our free gift for Fall Campaign donors.

In The Dollar Dilemma, Dr. Paul not only exposes the dollar bubble that has been growing for decades, but considers what a world would look like should it collapse.”