Why Christians Have Capitulated Their Convictions To The Coronavirus – DVD – By Pastor Chuck Baldwin – NEW PRODUCT

“In this text, Satan asserts to God that Job would deny his faith and forsake truth to save his own skin. God took Satan up on his challenge; and Job proved Satan wrong. Sadly, however, the vast majority of people today are proving Satan RIGHT.

The devil’s minions are using FEAR to induce professing Christians into denying their faith and forsaking the truth in order to save their own skin. Translated: The fear of dying from the coronavirus has shuttered churches, turned courageous Christians into sheepish slaves of the state and caused Americans to forsake their God-given, constitutionally-protected liberties.

Pastor Baldwin delves deeply into this flabbergasting phenomenon.

This messages proves from Scripture that 1) The spirit of fear is NOT of God, and 2) When the spirit of fear is present power, love and sound mindedness are absent. This is a perfect description of the Church today.”



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