The Privilege of Politics

In 2020, privilege manifests as political extortion. Push back against these bullies.”

Actor Chris Pratt finds himself a target of left Hollywood and the social media enforcers for his apparent lack of support for Joe Biden, a sin in his industry. Pratt has endorsed neither Biden nor Trump, which seems eminently sensible for a boy-next-door type who plays superheroes and adventurers in big blockbusters. But staying quiet is never enough for the political jackals, who insist silence is violence and a form of privilege. Trump is a Nazi; his electorate is full of hateful fascist enablers and this is no time for quietude. To make matters worse, the reticent Pratt also belongs to a Christian church which is “anti-LGBT”—which is to sanot anti-LGBT at all, but simply not in full conformity with the language and demands of its accusers.”