“Gold is Money, Everything Else Is Credit” – J.P. Morgan

Interview with Rafi Farber – Part I of II

“By now it is probably obvious, even to the most naive of mainstream narrative followers, that we are well past the point of no return on many fronts. Politics, on a national and global level, are never getting back to “normal”, the economy is already knee-deep in a severe recession, while social frictions and public discontent with governments, institutions and all kinds of rulers and central planners is on a sharp and dangerous trajectory.”



Gold Is Money – Everything Else Is Credit – J.P. Morgan – Part II


Debasement and Crony Capitalism

By J. Richard Duke

Solomon: Nothing is New Under The Sun


One of the more important and relevant readings with respect to the bible, money, debasement and debauching currency and credit, etc. And how it destroys the cultural and spiritual of humanity (and causes “materialism”–mammon more important than God (Richard Duke):

Chapter 13 of the book: The Ethics of Money Production: The Cultural and Spiritual Legacy of Fiat Inflation


The Mystery in Zahab: The Hebrew Word for Gold


Book: God’s Money: An In-Depth Examination of the Bible Verses that Mention Gold and Silver


Nehemiah: The king and his nobles (cronies) extracting from the people through debased silver-Richard Duke


Pastor Isa Bajalia interviews Richard Duke about the destruction of the poor in Nehemiah 5 from the government’s debasement (inflation) of silver (coins-money). Is it any different today? (Video)


Monetary Inflation: An Economic and Ethical Evil


Go now you rich men, weep and howl for the miseries coming on you (whose gold and silver–money–is cankered)–the Bible


The Moral Issues of Money


Judgment Against the Dollar And the Judgment of God


Isaiah’s Critique Of Inflation—Gary North


Mises explains inflation so that one can understand why debasing currency (unequal weights and measures) IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD