From Beijing to Auburn

Jingjing Wang

“THE AUSTRIAN: How did you first become familiar with the Mises Institute?

Jingjing Wang: I do not remember the exact time when I first got to know the Mises Institute, but I heard Hayek’s name around 2007 when I was a junior student in business administration in China. It was 2010, when I took a course in Beijing on “Classical Readings in Institutional Economics” for my master’s degree. Ludwig von Mises’s book Liberalism was on the reading list. I did web searches on Mises, and found there was an institute named after him. I became more and more familiar with the Mises Institute after 2011 when I came to the US for Ph.D. study.

JW: The real question is about what motivated me to do what it took to become a Mises Fellow. It is a privilege for an Austrian scholar to be a Mises Fellow and conduct research at the Mises Institute, and I looked forward to being a Fellow for a long time. So, I really worked hard to be eligible to apply for a fellowship. I attended Austrian reading groups organized by Peter Klein, and I attended Mises University and the Rothbard Graduate Seminar. Also, during that time I heard good things about being a Mises Fellow from my advisor, and my colleagues Per Bylund and Jim Chappelow, who helped me make good preparations.”