The meaning of being “woke”-wokeness.

Social justice is a religion. Those who are woke according to the social justice creed are much more moral than those who are not under wokeness. It is FALSE religion just like social justice in a so-called church for God is fake and false. JRD


“According to the social justice creed, being “woke” is the political awakening that stems from the emergence of consciousness and conscientiousness regarding social and political justice. Wokeness is the indelible inscription of the awareness of social injustice on the conscious mind, eliciting the sting of conscience, which compels the newly woke to change their beliefs and behaviors.

Wokeness is analagous to the Christian encounter of being saved. Lke being saved, being woke involves redressing trangressions  through repentance and reformation. And, as the Christian is saved not by works but into works, so the newly converted social justice believers are woke not by works but into woke works

For Christians, Christ crucified brings one’s sins to mind, while also serving as a sacrifice for their absolution. Under social justice, the underprivileged do not absolve sins,  but they do bring them to mind–as do other woke persons. Like the saved Christian, the social justice woke becomes penitent about previously unacknowledged sin, sin for which they must atone.  Under social justice, sin is having acted carelessly from a position of privilege, without sufficient recognition or concern for those whose lack of privilege makes one’s privilege possible. Under Christianity, sin is having transgressed against God, sometimes directly but often vis-a-vis others.

…Contrary to contemporary social justice Christianity, salvation does not play out on the level of the social group. One works out one’s salvation individually and not, as it were, federally. Salvation is personal, individual, singular–not collective. Under Christianity, people are not saved due to their social identity. No one is moral or good because of their membership in a social identity category.

The opposite is the case under social justice. Membership in a subordinated, oppressed social identity category confers higher moral standing under the social justice creed. Such persons are deemed to be the ethical superiors of others–just as membership confers guilt and low moral standing on members of dominant or privileged social identity categories. Under social justice, it is not what is done that matters, but who does it.”

Beyond Woke, pp. 6-7, Michael Rectenwald


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