Jesus’ Temptations and World-Powers-Libertarian Christian Institute

“In this entry, Lipscomb turns to the temptations of Jesus as recorded in Matthew and Luke to reiterate that the “kingdoms of this worldbelong to Satan. The crucial argument here, often unappreciated by most Christians, is that though Satan may be the “father of lies” the offer to rule if only Jesus would bow down to Satan is a sincere and true offer. Otherwise, it is not a temptation at all. You can note how this has been a major theme in my own writings for over a decade.

We have found that God’s government, as established among the Jews as its subjects, was separated from all the institutions of man—that they were taught to rely upon God’s appointments in every emergency of life—that a failure to rely upon his appointments by seeking aid through their own inventions or through alliance with other human institutions, was always regarded by God as an indication of lack of faith in Him, and as an act of rebellion against His authority.”

Does the paragraph, immediately above, sound like “Christians” and pastors are following God’s teachings today in Americawith lack of faith in Him and rebellion against His authority?  JRD

Jesus’ Temptations and World-Powers


God’s Kingdom and the World’s Kingdoms are Separate-Libertarian Christian Institute


“…The Kingdom of God does not come with observation…the kingdom of God is within you.”-Luke 17


The Lord’s Prayer and the Kingdom on Earth


“To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the kingdom of God, but to the rest it is in parables…”