Can the U.S. continue without breaking up?

“The following question derives from the above comparison: Can the human hive inhabiting our globe achieve sufficient comprehension of macrosocial pathological phenomenon which is so dangerous, abhorrent and fascinating at the same time, before it is too late? At present our individual and collective instincts and our natural psychological and moral worldview cannot furnish all the answers upon which to base skillful counteractive measures.”

Loc 1244, 1251

“Those fair-minded people who preach that all we have left is to trust in the ‘great apiarist in the sky’ at a return to His commandments are glimpsing a general truth, but they also tend to trivialize particular truths, especially the naturalist ones. It is the latter which constitute a basis for comprehending phenomenon and targeting practical action. The laws of nature have made us very different from one another. Thanks to his individual characteristics, exceptional life-circumstances, and scientific effort, man may have achieved some mastery of the art of objectively comprehending the phenomena of the above-mentioned type, but we must underscore that this could only occur because it was in accordance with the laws of nature.”

Loc 1251

Just as a sailor possessing an accurate nautical map enjoys greater freedom of course-selection and maneuvering amid islands and bays, a person endowed with a better comprehension of self, other people, and the complex interdependencies of social life become more independent of the various circumstances of life and better able to overcome situations which are difficult to understand. At the same time, such improved knowledge makes an individual more liable to accept his duties toward society and to subordinate himself to the discipline which arises as a corollary. Better informed societies also achieve internal order and criteria for collective efforts. This book is dedicated to reinforcing this knowledge by means of a naturalistic of phenomena, something heretofore comprehended by means of excessively moralistic categories of the natural worldview.

Loc 1258

Political Ponerology, Andrew Lobaczewski

Book: Political Ponerology (A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes)


“Are giant countries capable of sustaining social and cultural evolution?…to heal the United States of America, a country which manifests symptoms of macropathy, inter alia, I would advise subdividing that vast national into thirteen states – just like the original ones…”